The following pages are worth to visit. Some of them include my work.
  Wildlife Artists Netlink
  Jonathan Latimer’s page
  Stefan Boensch’s new webpage
  Márton Zsoldos’s page
  My nature-photographer friend, Péter Csonka's webpage
  My nature-photographer friend, György Szimuly's webpage
  Bird and nature photos by Csaba Lóki.
  Homepage of Paschalis Dougalis
  The new webpage of James Coe
  The webpage of Tim Wootton
  Bob Patterson's art
  Latham Wildlife Art - Miniature Paintings
  Emma Wood, wildlife artist
  About Hungary
  Gerard Gorman’s page
  PROBIRDER - Birding Tours in Eastern Europe
  Woodpeckers of Europe
  Tracks & signs
  My friend, Gerard Gorman's blog about European Woodpecker topics
  Walking Hungary
  The photoblog of Gábor Vasuta.
  The webpage of birding tours in Hungary and Eastern Europe
  Walking in Etruria, discover Tuscany and its surroundings
  Bird box and wildlife cameras
  The Hungarian birding pages
  International birding pages
  Károly Papp’s page
  NIMFEA Nature Conservation Association
  BirdLife Hungary
  About Hungarian Peregrines
  Delachaux et Niestlé French publisher
  Birds Illustrated magazine
  Fertő-Hanság National Park
  The webpage of Kiskunsag National Park
  The webpage of Koros-Maros National Park
  The webpage of Birders' Association of Budapest
I would like to thank to Birdwatch and British Birds magazines for the permission of using some of their pages.

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