I'm a wildlife artist and illustrator (most often I treat myself a bird illustrator). All began with a love of nature and the drawing skills in my blood. It was quite late, at the age of 20 when I combined them and started to illustrate birds and nature.

  I was born in 1976, in Hungary. I live in the capital, luckily in a more green district, on an island in the Danube (Csepel-island).
  After finishing secondary school in 1994 I started to work for BirdLife Hungary as a civil servant. These years were very fruitful for I was working in nature conservation.
  I didn’t stop working for the society after finishing civil service but stayed here until the spring of 1999. From BirdLife Hungary I moved to the Ministry for the Environment, Authority of Nature Conservation. I was working on the Washington Convention (CITES) for 2 years.

  I started birdwatching at the age of 12. I was drawing all my life, but interestingly I turned to birds and nature only in 1996. I was given more and more order for illustrations from National Parks and non-governmental organizations. I was doing this illustration work beside my main job, but it became very exhausting. In the summer of 2001 I became a full time illustrator.
  I’m self-taught, having no formal art training. I owe a lot to my artist friend, Róbert Muray, who is well known nature-artist in Hungary. I visited him quite regularly and he helps me with critique and instruction.
  At first I was doing only black-and-white line drawings then tried also painting. Now I’m working almost exclusively on paper with acrylic colours.
  My favourite topic is ‘birds in the modern world’. I enjoy illustrating how nature can adapt to the changing environment. I feel this is very important topic.